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Big Hair Traps Big Ideas

“I’d like to be you Daddy”, the wee lass said, “but without the hair”.  Six year olds don’t hold back when it comes to speaking their mind. She was right though. I have, well had, huge hair. After dropping her at school that morning I ventured forth and had a veritable scalping. Well that’s what it felt like anyways. Yes it’s all neat and tidy now but there was something primeval about its recent state. A wild, rampant and uncontrollable follicle feast, the scourge of daylight and small household pets everywhere. I loved it. The hairdresser loved it. I knew she was weeping silently as she glided the scissors through its leafy grandeur but its’ time was up. It had to go.

It made me realise though that sometimes a change of direction is needed, a new beginning. I had previously been blogging about gold-making in World of Warcraft and writing stories about non-playing characters in the same game. It’s something I intend on continuing but even amongst friends and contacts, there’s little long-term appeal in those ventures. That’s where the Gombeen comes into play. There are ideas and thoughts I’d like to share with people, things which have a more generalist appeal. I have the time on my hands and it has to be put to better use. This may ultimately not be that avenue but it’s a start.

The intention is not to have any specific theme to the blog. What’s in my head one minute could be gone the next so what I write could be construed as a stream of consciousness albeit edited and hopefully proofread. Right, that’s enough of this wittering for now. Let the proof of the blog pudding be in the reading.


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