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The Gombeen

Playing around with names for a blog is not as easy as you might think. Trying to find a healthy balance between attracting people to read the blog or offending them is akin to walking a tightrope on yer tippy-toes. One slip either way and it’s hello obscurity. Mind you, until I herd a few readers into the pen of the Gombeen, I’m beginning from obscurity anyways. Still it’s better not to alienate anyone from the word go. I was considering another analogy to describe this balance, one involving tongues and a certain number in the sixties but that proves my point. A potential reader with a prudish mindset may not come back for more.
I was always under the impression that Gombeen was a term of endearment / colloquialism for a village idiot or buffoon, a character from a Patrick Kavanagh or Spike Milligan novel.  A toned down gentle version  of a gobshite if you will. Understandably someone might be wary clicking on a link with the term gobshite in it. Who knows what types of visual delights may await them if they would do so, farmyard or otherwise. So in my infinite wisdom I opted for gombeen, only to subsequently learn the term was unfavourable to say the least. Gombeen is an old term for a conman or blaggard, one of unsavoury virtue, always out to snaffle a quick buck at another’s expense. Lovely. Just the type of image I wanted to create. I’m considering changing it and renaming the blog but until I can determine how to easily transfer the content of one blog to another, Gombeen it shall remain. Actually I’m still rather fond of the term. Rapscallion or village idiot, I know which description I would prefer. 
Aye, I’ll stick with the name as it is for the time being. Have no fear, dear reader, I’m not after yer daughters or yer geese. I’m not looking for your bank details in which to deposit the inheritance of some African prince. I’m just going to tell you a few stories about my life and about the world in general. And hopefully put a smile on your face.

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