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They say Baileys is the drink for people who don’t like alcohol. In an odd way it reminds me of the ham made from turkey they give you when you’re in a predominantly Muslim country in the Far East. You want something what’s considered bad for ye so they invented an unsuitable compromise. Well frankly, turkey ham tastes like the reconstituted scrotal sac of a decaying horse, or so I imagine. Baileys is that guilty secret of a confirmed drinker. You might publicly denounce it as heresy but ye’ll drink it if offered and sure if there’s nothing left in the house, you’ll gladly welcome it’s comforting sickly sweetness. The majority of ye will also know that it helps make a damn fine cheesecake as well.
One of my earliest blog entries described my apparent ineptitude in the kitchen. I’ll admit to being a little disingenuous in that post. I can cook but only when I put my mind to it. It’s a spontaneous thing really. Daily dinners don’t count as they have to be done or no one eats in the family. I have to suddenly brave the creation of something, generally a concoction that I’ll have a craving for at that exact moment in time. Weirdly it’s usually on a Sunday and involves desserts, or food of a sugary confection. 
My last attempt at a meringue was a success. Huzzah! It was pointed out that it more resembled a Pavlova but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to the delicate process of adding sugar to eggs and fluffing them up into a whippy goo. Hell I even threw in some blue food colouring for increased bada-bing. A little dash a cream and some berried fruits and voila, 500 calories (conservative guesstimate) on a plate. That particular day though was like the old story about waiting for buses. Yup! The true spirit of culinary adventure took hold and the end product was a cheesecake, which in the grand scheme of things, was bloody tasty, if admittedly not 100% perfect.
Our next door neighbour gave us a recipe for a cheesecake, albeit not your traditional method of creation. This one’s baked in the oven as opposed to setting in the old Frigidaire. It’s called baked cheesecake. Seriously. No word of a lie. I could give the recipe but that would involve typing here at the keyboard for longer than I want to. Being a lazy bastard in lay mans terms. However I will say that the ingredients are virtually identical to your standard cheesecake and similarly ye can add yer own flavourings to suit your mood. As mentioned up above, Baileys is a good one, guaranteed to appeal to the palate of lovers of all things dessert. With nary a drop of the creamy booze in the house, I plumped for rum and whiskey. Oh yes! Let the good times roll.
Honestly speaking, I regret not putting more of the bloomin’ stuff in it. The kick was missing. It was delumptious but could have been better. My favourite ice-cream is rum and raisin so I’m tempted to try that as my next foray into the land of the cheesy cake. What’s ideal about this recipe and cake is that it’s simple and undemanding, perfect for a baking novice. It will allow for a certain level of experimentation and barring a complete brain fade in the flavourings department, should never taste truly pants. 
Next expedition may well involve a chocolate pie made with Dime bars. The afore-mentioned neighbour dropped round a piece that she threw together yesterday in  baking tray she had borrowed. Just imagine Homer drooling and you’ll understand why this pie will have to be attempted. I almost wept when I took my first bite. Marie Antoinette was right you know. 

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  1. So much for trying to lose a few lbs or two(conservative estimate)….thought after playing football(well trying) that you were going on a diet!!!!! Like mother like son..there is always tomorrow or Monday!!! Sent list of ingredients in email and you can cook next time you are home. By the way your Dad was crippled too!!!!

    Comment by Mother | April 12, 2010 | Reply

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